Thursday, January 3, 2013

Starting Fresh AGAIN!

Well the New Year is here and it's time to take off the Holiday poundage.  I can't bring myself to step on the scale yet. My estimate is that I put on 6-10 lbs. I cooked up a storm and ate everything. It felt good at the time but now I feel all boggy and swollen.  It's a good time to detox. I don't do anything fancy to detox. I just skip a few meals here and there to give my body a rest. I know I should drink lots of water, but that is ALWAYS a huge challenge for me because I am never thirsty in the cold months.  I'll need to put a pitcher of water out in clear view as a reminder and I'll  make sure I have a couple of water bottles in the car. Otherwise I  won't remember to drink.  Today I'll go through some recipes and modify them. Less oil, and less carbs. I refuse to cut out carbs completely. It will put me in a bad mood. I don't believe in cutting out the things I love the best because it will cause a binge at a later date.  My Doctor wants me to stay away from sugar and gluten. I  can try really hard to cut back. He thinks it might be causing some of my inflammation. Not so sure about that, but who knows? So, I'll be busy compiling my grocery list and trashing all the cakes and pies from the Holidays. Hope you get on board with me. I hate doing this alone!

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