Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Grocery List

Compiling a grocery list ahead of time is imperative for successful dieting. A lot of the time, we eat naughty foods because we do not have the available choices. Like I said before, I tend to eat a lot of the same things, so grocery shopping is pretty easy for me. On- line grocery shopping such as Peapod can be a great resource for the busy person. I use it once a month or so. Anyway, you will want to buy lots of fruits and vegetables. Set a side a little time to chop all the veggies up and seal them tightly in plastic baggies or containers. Fold a piece of white paper towel and put it into the baggie. This helps keep the vegetables fresher, longer. I like to chop onions, peppers, and tomatoes. Also, buying packaged salad mix helps to save time. I find if you have the food readily available, then there is a tendency to eat the right things. Otherwise we will forage and eat anyting in sight! It takes a little more work but it proves to be worth it in the end. So, add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to your grocery list! Here's a sample of my own.

Berries for cereal
Dried cranberries for cereal
Bag of Boston lettuce mix
Head of Romaine
Head of Iceberg
Bag of broccoli slaw
Bag of shredded cabbage
Bean spouts
Baby carrots
A green and red pepper
Any fresh or canned vegetables needed for sides with dinner.
Bag of green peppers....for stuffed pepper recipe
Honey Turkey sliced thin
Low- fat Swiss cheese
Low-fat bologna
Feta cheese(don't buy the fat-free. It's GROSS!)
Grated fresh parmesan and Romano cheeses
Finely shredded Mexican blend or mozzarella cheese ( I keep in freezer)
Low fat salad dressing...Kens is best
Chicken breasts and/or tenders (no skin)
Lean beef for Fajitas
Ground Turkey ( I buy the 94% and the 99% and mix them together)I make stuffed peppers and buffalo turkey burgers. They are both actually delicious.
White fish....I hate fish, but u can buy it!
Tomato or vegetable juice
Light hamburger rolls(for buffalo turkey burgers and sandwiches)
Whole wheat angel hair pasta
4 cans hunts diced tomatoes with basil and oregano
2 cans diced tomato Mexican style( I pour these over canned string beans with a little grated cheese and pop them in microwave)
Can of artichoke hearts quartered
2 cans black olives
2 packs of brown gravy mix..I use McCormacks
Bottle of Franks or Kens buffalo sauce
Salsa or sauce for Fajitas
Seasoned breadcrumbs
Low- fat hellmains mayo or miracle whip
Low fat tortillas
Low fat sour cream
Fat- free cottage cheese ( I always eat a half cup with my salad)
Eggs ( you can hard boil a few at a time and store in fridge) have for breakfast or on salad)
Cremora...I use this in stead of cream in my coffee and tea. I also carry some in my purse.
Skim milk
Non- fat yogurt ( I like diced cucumber in plain yogurt with dill weed, salt and pepper)
Jars of pickles, lupini beans, pickled peppers, pepperacini, banana peppers, olives...all good to put on salads.
Non sugared cereal...I like grape nuts because they are filling.
Low fat ice cream (slow churned is best) and ice cream bars like fudgesicles
Low fat microwave popcorn( I eat one every night while watching the news)

A lot of this food can be stored tightly in plastic bags in the freezer. Even deli meat and cheese. I write my name on the boxes and bags in bold magic marker so my kids dont devour them.  Believe me, they KNOW when Mom is trying to lose weight!
If you want any of the recipes mentioned above, just ask and I'll send them to you. They are tried and tested!