Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog #21 Oh Happy Day!

Well I am pleasantly surprised once again. I weighted in at 148lbs.  I lost all but a half pound of what I had gained over the holidays so I am almost back to where I left off.  Last night I did pretty well considering the food I served my family and guest.  I think my husband was elated he could eat some normal food instead of the small portion low fattening foods I've been serving him.  We had good ole meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Because I was having a guest, I did not skimp on the fat. I used butter and sour cream and 80% hamburger. Although I ate everything, I was sure to eat small portions and not go back for seconds. After dinner we had coffee and I even indulged in a sliver of chocolate cake. It tasted so yummy. I was a little disappointed when it was all gone....  Oddly enough when I got up to tally my points this morning, I discovered that I stayed within my limit.  So....No Guilt!  Because I ate MEAT before bedtime, I still feel full and bloated. I just can't seem to digest the stuff. 
Today I will try to behave. Not sure what I will do for supper yet because we normally go out to eat on fridays.  Maybe I'll make a "picky plate" and treat myself to a glass of wine(if my stomach can handle it). Hope you all have a good and successful weekend!