Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 Sticks of Butter = 1lb. of Body Fat

I actually did pretty well over the weekend. I had a lot of good food in my face and I was actually able to say no to over eating. I ate everything I liked(except the elephant ears) but had them in small amounts. I had gone out on Friday night and noticed that I got really full, really fast. I didn't even eat that much and I was bloated and uncomfortable. My stomach must have shrunk already. I need to somehow get used to eating small portions and feel mentally satisfied. That might take some time and work. I realized that I don't just eat to live. I enjoy the whole eating experience. And to eat only a small section of my plate seems wrong. It just feels incomplete. I don't know if anyone else knows what I'm talking about. But growing up in an old world Italian is everything. Your life and relationships revolve around the kitchen table. Not yet sure how I am going to reconcile this issue.
Sunday morning I stepped on the scale and to my happy surprise, I dropped 1.5 lbs! May not seem like a lot to you especially if you're a guy, but to me that's 6 sticks of butter!! When I think in terms of butter sticks then even a half pound can make me feel a sense of accomplishment. The weekend was busy and it was really weird to go apple picking in shorts and flip flops. That was a first for me. Tomorrow I will probably make apple pies, apple crisp, and apple sauce. I had better save up some points for that. I wait all year for freshly baked homemade pie. I don't think it's healthy to deprive yourself of things you love most. I think it causes bingeing later. So I'll just need to be careful with the portion size. Hope you did well. Until next time.....