Thursday, February 2, 2012

#20 Will I ever be a size 10 again?

I'm actually doing pretty well and have stuck to the dietary changes so far. I am having a guest for dinner tonight so I did not cook "healthy" so to speak. So I will take very small portions of the meatloaf, gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes. I hope I can say no to the chocolate cake I made. If not, I'll settle for a sliver. Tomorrow is WEIGH IN day! Now I know that I usually don't loose the first week or so because my body holds fluid when I begin to diet, so I will need to be patient and not give up because the scale is lying to me. I actually do feel a little weight loss. My pants feel more comfortable. I am taking my youngest daughter to the mall on Sunday to go dress shopping for her. I MIGHT have the courage to try a few dresses on myself. At some point soon I will need to pour this body into a mother of the bride dress.
I really hope I can get down to a size 10.
I was going to join water aerobics, however my body is not ready for exercise yet. I need to take it super slow. I went to a therapist who gave me a very light workout and I am not only sore, but the nerve pain has been fierce. It's not easy loosing weight when you can't exercise and boost your metabolism. But I have no choice at this point. I so need to take this extra baggage off! Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions. We are all battling this horrible monster together.