Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cake , Ice Cream and Hormones

I did pretty well last week sticking to my diet. Friday was weigh-in day and I gained a half pound! I was ticked off and felt like eating macaroni and meatballs after the bad news....BUT, I knew better. I've been through this a dozen times. Every time I diet my body goes into shock. I know that sounds pathetic because it's not like I'm starving myself. But nonetheless, it tells my brain to hold onto water so I can maintain the weight. Usually a week will go by and then I pee it all out. So I cheated and weighted myself again today. I dropped 2 more pounds. Now that may not seem like a lot to you, especially you guys, but that's 8 sticks of butter! I am pretty happy about that.
Today I ate an enormous salad. I put a half cup of fat free cottage cheese on it for protein. I actually felt kind of sick soon after I ate it. Maybe it was a little too much fiber and sometimes fiber can be rough on the stomach. But I felt better after I digested it. I'll confess, for supper I ate a small piece of cake. It was a birthday cake. At the very least, I stayed within my daily caloric intake. I am craving sugar and will for another day or so. It happens every month. So, I'll eat the sugar or I will run down anyone who crosses my path. I think sugar is the prudent choice, don't you? In conclusion, I continued my sugar binge with some low fat ice cream and caramel rice cakes but managed not to over eat. Tomorrow I will concentrate on eating healthier foods. Hope you all did well!