Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Fat and I Can't lose Weight!

So, I decided to start this blog because I have packed on the pounds and everytime I want to lose weight, I wind up gaining more!  What's up with that?!  The older I have gotten, the less disciplined I have become.  Maybe it's because there is a little voice inside saying "you're older now, who cares what you look like".  But the fact is that we DO care what we look like. We would be lying if we said otherwise.  Who wants to look fat and blubbery? Who strives to gain weight?  It's just that it's SO much work and it always seems to eventually comes back!   I just hate bending down to tie my shoe and having my belly get in the way!  It's gross and uncomfortable. I hate looking at myself in a mirror.  I hate having to get dressed up and go out into public.  I'm mad at myself for allowing myself to get this heavy. It makes me miserable.
So Today I will start Weightwatchers for the umpteenth time! I'll move my stationary bike into my bedroom and I will look into joining water aerobics.  I have 30 pounds to loose and I want it off by my daughters wedding.  I really do not want to be a frumpy mother of the bride.  Those pictures are forever!  I figured if I started a blog, then I would have accountability.  I will be compiling and posting low-fat recipes and grocery lists. Weightwatchers on-line is an excellent tool because you write down everything that enters your mouth.  I'm a snacker and sometimes I really don't realize how much I have consumed, especially if I am distracted with the phone or computer.  I'll just keep eating and eating. The other problem I have is late night eating.  I dont get hungry until 1 or 2 pm. But my favorite time to eat is 8......NOT GOOD!  I will need to make good choices for my nighttime munchies.  If you would like to join in with me or just follow along, then please do. It would be nice not to be miserable alone! LOL