Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I want to be a LOSER!

Happy to say that I dropped another pound, however I got a bad case of tendinitis from peeling all those apples!  I am doing well with the diet but horrible with the exercise. Maybe because it's just not part of my routine. Or maybe it's because I hate exercising.  I had a flare of GERD and my appetite has been horrible.  Back on my meds and will most likely need to have my esophagus dilated again.  It's my own fault. I snuck a piece of dove chocolate and it sent me into a spiral! It was just a tiny little piece!!!  The diet is beginning to get easier. I know by writing this blog that I will accomplish the weight loss.  I have to, otherwise I will look like a LOSER! lol....A friend of mine sent a picture of me to FaceBook and I almost passed out!  I could not believe I was that big. Maybe avoiding all the mirrors is a bad thing.  I should make myself look, so I know what's going on.  Part of me wants to copy that picture and paste it to my fridge!  As horrible as that picture made me feel, it also gave me more motivation.  I really need to get this done with once and for all. I've been putting it off too long. I'm not getting any younger and time continues to tick.