Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Man! It's just not Fair.

Well as I expected, I am only dropping about 1/2 lb a week! That can be so frustrating. Why is it that a man can drop that in a day and it takes me 3 weeks! That is just not fair. Halloween is coming up and all that yummy candy will be in my face. I love candy bars. It will be a challenge for sure. I think I did pretty good this weekend, although I could have done better. I am pleasantly surprised that I am riding the stationary bike regularly. I know I need to strengthen my de-conditioned body. I am still quite weak. I think my motivation is more focused on building muscle strength than looking better. I feel that is a much more positive outlook. I know I am definitely getting stronger because I was able to do about 5 miles of walking a day when I traveled to the windy city. That was a pretty awesome milestone for me since my surgery. :)