Sunday, October 9, 2011

If My Head Wasn't Attached

I would consider today another success. I actually attempted to drink the pitcher of water, but only managed half of it. Believe me, that is an accomplishment. The only down side is that I need to pee constantly and that's really annoying! I ate breakfast today around 11:00. I had a bowl of Special K with cherry flavored cranberries(kind of weird tasting fruit).
I think I skipped lunch. I was EXTREMELY forgetful today. I booked a last minute dentist appointment at the same time I was at my Physical Therapy. Then when I rebooked the dentist for two hours later, I forgot my phone who knows where. My head was just not screwed on straight. Must be because I am malnourished or something. For dinner I sautéed beef tips in a little bit of olive oil along with some green peppers and onions. I chopped some tomatoes and olives and made a fajita topped with some low-fat Mexican cheese and low fat sour cream. It was both delicious and satisfying. Although I am not much of a meat eater, I find meat to be much more filling. I bypassed the bike today because my Physical Therapist made me break a sweat for over a half hour. She is really encouraging me to join water aerobics. In fact she brings it up EVERY TIME I see her. I suppose I can't avoid it much longer. It's a big commitment and that is probably why I am dragging my feet.
Eight o'clock came and the sugar craving was manageable. I had a weight watchers ice cream cone and my usual popcorn. I watched the X- Factor and then settled in to write my blog. I feel I did well again today...this is pretty miraculous. Hope you did well too. Let me hear from you! Until tomorrow........