Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy to have Canker?

Ok, so does this happen to anybody else but me? I stick to a diet and within the first two weeks I either lose NO weight or gain a pound or two!? Years back I was very discouraged by this pattern and asked my doctor what was going on. He explained that the brain is used to being a certain weight and when we diet and begin to burn fat, the brain will actually hold water for a couple of weeks to make up for the weight loss, therefore tricking itself into thinking it's the same weight. Weird, but really cool at the same time. Well that's me. It happens every time without exception. I usually weigh myself on Fridays. Sure enough...no weight loss noted. So I will be patient because it will eventually catch up by next week. I was good today thus far. I even rode my stationary bike. I am going out to dinner tonight so I went really really light on breakfast and lunch. Tomorrow will be a challenge also. We are hosting an eight course dinner party. Thank God I'm not cooking it! I chipped a tooth  and developed a cut on the side of my tongue. I am almost glad I have it because it hurts to chew. I'd say it's pretty good timing. Enough for now....hope you had a successful day!