Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ideas for everyday meals

I've done this a few times before so I'll just go by memory. Went to the grocery store and picked up some essentials.  Breakfast is NOT my favorite meal so a bowl of non-sugared cereal with some dried or fresh fruit OR a hard boiled egg will suffice. On Weightwatchers you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you like without counting them.  However, that does not include fruit juice.  Now, dinner is my favorite meal so I tend to eat light for breakfast and lunch so that most of my points are saved for evening.  I also have no problem eating the same thing for a few days in a row.  Because of this, meal planning is probably easier for me than for the picky eater.  For lunch I usually will chose a salad.  I love to pile on different vegetables along with a few olives and lupini beans. I buy a good variety of low-fat salad dressings to mix things up a bit. A little trick I use with the creamier dressings from KENS (my favorites) is that I add a little water and stir well.  It coats the entire salad and allows you to use less dressing.  If your heaviest meal is usually lunch then add grilled chicken, or fish. You can also add a hard boiled egg, or turkey from the deli.  If you need cheese like I do then use only coursely grated romano or parmasean from the cheese bazaar.  Don't be afraid to fill your bowl. Remember none of the veggies count.  With this diet you tend to want to eat a lot more fruits and vegetables which is so healthy for you. You will NOT be lacking Fiber! When i get tired of the salads which doesnt happen too often because there are a million ways to make one, I might have a turkey sandwich on lite bread with low fat mayo. Pile on the lettuce and tomato!  Another option for busy people might be a lean cusine meal but keep the points to 7 if you are more of a dinner eater.  The internet is a great resource for low calorie lunch ideas.  If you are a member of W.W. then you have access to TONS of meal ideas that are both quick and easy.  Now dinner is where I tend to be more creative. I'll share my ideas in the next blog.  As for today, I have done pretty good thus far.  I skipped breakfast (which is OK for me dispite what others may say) and for lunch I made a giant salad with boston lettuce, broccoli slaw, cabbage slaw, green olives, lupini beans and banana peppers. 
For dinner I made one of my favorite low calorie meals. Whole wheat angel hair pasta topped with diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives and romano cheese. I am not much of a meat eater (although I do enjoy an occasional rare slab of beef) however, you can add some cubed chicken to the dish.
NOW, for the tough time of day......8pm.  I reserved a weightwatchers yummy icecream bar and a low-fat bag of popcorn sprinkled with cheddar cheese seasoning.  Day One down and I made it!  Hope you did too.