Thursday, February 16, 2012

No fried Shrimp for me!

Today I feel tired and it was tough to get out of bed. The Lyme meds are starting to work because they actually make you feel worse before you feel better. Although I have no desire to cook, I'll make a quick buffalo pizza for the kids. I may have a piece for dinner or just eat another bowl of chicken soup. I'll see how I'm feeling. It's a good idea to have canned soup (without MSG ) on hand. It's a quick, nutritious, low cal meal and quite satisfying. Another good tip is to have fresh or canned fruit available at all times. Make sure the canned fruit is packed in fruit juice, not syrup. And don't drink the juice! It's too high in sugars and too much sugar makes you crave more sugar. The other day I felt like having something sweet and nothing was going to change my mind. So, I decided to cut up an apple and dip it in fat free caramel. Ok, so I know it was sugary, but at least it was a much better choice than eating the red velvet cake I had displayed in my cake dish. I know I can only change so much. That is a reality. However, I CAN try to make better choices. I was proud of myself yesterday, so allow me to brag while I can. I took my dad out for his birthday. He chose Chinese. One of my favorites! Of course I love the fried shrimp and battered chicken..but I made a choice to have the steamed vegetables with brown sauce on the side. I also had about 1/2 cup of white rice instead of the fried rice. Now let me add that I struggled with this decision for about 10 minutes before ordering! The waitress then dropped a bowl of fried wontons on our table and they began whispering. I decided to just have a taste instead of eating the whole bowl! Fried foods are a weakness for me, so I really felt I accomplished something. I felt satisfied in my belly even though my head felt differently at the time. But I will say, that when evening came, I was proud of myself. One day at a time. Self control is a process. A really hard process.