Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog #18 The Hunt Begins

Since I am trying to follow "Weight Watchers", I have to write down everything I eat and tally the points as I go along.  I am allowed 26 points per day. Any expert will tell you that the only way to reduce your weight is to reduce your caloric intake (especially if you are not active). That's why fad diets don't last. All they do is play tricks with your brain and body and as soon as you go off the diet, the weight comes right back on. Now since supper is my favorite meal, I prefer to save the points for evening. So I need to be smart and find low point (low calorie) foods to eat for breakfast and lunch.  This takes some time and effort but it's sort of like a game or a hunt. I just found a wonderful high protein breakfast food...Egg Beaters. They are 0 points! So I had 2 servings and a piece of lite italian toast with strawberry jam for breakfast.  The whole thing was only 1 point.  Now that's a find! For lunch I'll have a salad piled high with veggies and a low fat dressing. I mix a little water with the dressing to make it spread more evenly..nice little trick.  I have a busy evening so for supper I will eat a left-over stuffed pepper (which by the way, came out delicious). I think today will be a good day. I have lots to keep me busy. The only challenge will be getting together with some of my friends tonight. I love to have coffee, chat and snack!  Maybe I should pack a snack. Yeah, that's probably the wise thing to do.  I have to make a practice to always plan ahead. Otherwise I will get sucked into the temptation of the food abyss!  Nothing but evil lurking in there!!!