Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog #15 The Starting Line...Again

Ok, so here I go again.  Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. HAHA.  Woke up early, but went back to bed. Didn't feel myself so I caught up on some much needed rest. For some strange reason I just didn't sleep that well on vacation. Anyway,after I awoke again, I decided to see what was available in my pantry because the home delivery grocery shopping will not be here until 4pm. 
For dinner I prepared:

1 lb. of whole wheat Pasta- cook and put aside
Stir together and heat:
1 can of drained and quartered Artichoke Hearts
2 cans diced Tomatoes (I like the Basil and Oregano flavored)
3/4 can drained Black Olives

Mix it all together and top with Grated Cheese.
I measure about 1 cup of the Pasta and put as much of the sauce on as I'd like. Veggies don't count and olives provide some good fat. 

For snack I get to have a whole bag of low-fat popcorn with some Molly McButter seasoning. If I'm still hungry then I can have a half cup of slow churned ice-cream.  I'd really like to have a big ole bowl but a half cup will suffice.

Through out the day I find a cup of tea can help satisfy my hunger. Although I know I should be drinking lots of water, the fact is that I don't like to drink water in the winter and being 47 yrs old and pretty set in my ways, I'll drink tea!