Monday, February 27, 2012

Pass me the bowl of M&M's please.................

All in all things have been okay, but dieting is really really tough.  Weekends are brutal. Yummy food is everywhere.  I had every intention of sticking to my guns this weekend, but I blew it on Sunday! And I wonder why it takes me FOVEVER to lose weight!!!!  I am down about 7 lbs. I won't complain too much because I am happy. My hubby wanted to get on board with me and guess what? He lost 5 lbs in 2 days! I could scream................  Two days?! Five lbs takes me more than  5 weeks! Something just not fair about that. Anyway, today is Monday and I will be back on track.  Had some water weight issues this past week so I may hold off weighing myself for another day or two. 
For dinner, I made an altered version of my stuffed peppers. I cut red peppers lengthwise and tried a combination of ground turkey and ground chicken. I  sauted the meat in 1 Tbsp oil and some water and then seasoned it with garlic salt, onions and green peppers. I then added the packaged brown gravy, and mixed in some cooked basmati rice. It was actually bettter tasting than the original recipe. Eating and preparing healthy low-fat foods is not my problem. It's the WEEKENDS! My problem is when I have no control over what I make.  My confession......yesterday I munched on tortilla chips, dip, cream cheese spread, and M&M's. Then I topped it off with the low-fat strawberry Angel-food cake I made!  I could hardly move. I was so full! Not to mention...mad at myself.  It seems the only way I can make up for the guilt is to fast a meal or two the day after I pig-out. It appears to work both psychologically and physically. So, I guess I won't be eating until tonight!